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Panic and anxiety are unpleasant feelings that have physical results within the body. In clinical studies, acupuncture has been proven to help in a variety of disorders. The effect it has on panic attacks is related to the way your body deals with fear. During a panic attack, your heart may pound; you may feel short of breath and feel like you are choking. A lot of people just want to flee this situation but feel that they are not able to.

Causes of panic attacks are numerous, they could be due to something going on in your life right now or it could be genetic. Other causes could be due to medication you may be taking or if you have an unhealthy diet.


It is normally good practice before starting a course of acupuncture to sit down and discuss your problem with a specialist.  They can then assess where any imbalances may be in your body. The specialist will find out if you have a Qi (pronounced Chi) deficiency in your body.

The anxiety Qi deficiency is normally found in the spleen and kidney area. The spleen function dominates thinking. In excessive cases involving the spleen channel, over thinking can interfere with falling asleep, digestion and bowel movements. Learning techniques that assist with control the mind when it feels overactive is imperative. Acupuncture can assist with the “thinking function” by slowing down the mind by slowing down the body.


​The kidneys are associated with fear and rejection. Anatomically speaking, to understand this, the adrenal glands are positioned just above the kidneys. When the body has a chemical reaction to stress, the adrenals release both adrenalin and cortisol, which physically over stimulate the body, thus the mind.

Acupuncture treatments will, trigger the release endorphins which are the body’s internal pain regulators. There are also certain relaxation points that a needle can trigger which in turn can help to reduce your anxiety and therefore make you feel better.


As well as working with needles many acupuncturists will also work with you on diet and exercise patterns. After all a properly balanced body, will help to free you from the possibility of panic attacks. You may never have considered acupuncture before but it is certainly worth giving this holistic method a try. A lot of acupuncturists will give you a free consultation so you can determine whether this is the right approach for you.


So when you feel that you need help with panic attacks, it is important that you seek advice straight away. Don’t live your life in fear, take control and help change your standard of life for the better.

Acupuncture For Anxiety and Panic Disorders

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