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“I have had the pleasure of working with Dana in the treatment of cancer patients. I have witnessed patients achieving excellent results with all kinds of problems that have been very hard to treat. Clients love her and most importantly, Dana is able to get excellent results.”


​Dr. Thomas Alexander, MD- Harmonia Wellness

"I had suffered miserably with sciatic pain for 7 years. My main course of treatment was seeing a chiropractor twice a week. The pain would go away and come back a few days later. After reading a blog on acupuncture, I gave it try. After two treatments, it was completely gone! After much time and wasted money, I now go to see Dana for everything health related. She’s the best!"


Dorthy, Phoenix, AZ​

“Diagnosed with brain cancer, my husband began seeing Dana on a regular basis. After a surgery on the right side of his head, he was experiencing tremors and uncontrollable shaking that affected his walking, speech and sleep. Within only a few treatments the tremors went away. His attitude improved and his limitations were gone. Dana’s treatments helped my husband stay grounded through a really scary and stressful time."


Toni- Ontario, Canada​

“I have been seeing Dana for years now. It began when I fell and suffered two frozen shoulders. In pain, my doctor recommended acupuncture. Dana was able to fix me in one treatment! All the pain I suffered through for months was gone. I continued to see Dana because I was on a number of medications (5 to be exact). I was able to eliminate them all within 6 months time. Then I hit menopause, night sweats and insomnia began. Dana was able to treat both of those symptoms and get me sleeping restfully. We have also worked on gout in my toe, depression and asthma with results and success! I appreciate all that Dana has done for my health over the years and will continue seeing her."


Debbie- Phoenix, AZ

"I had a wonderful experience working with Dana while she was here in the Pittsburgh area. I was treated for stress management and depressive symptoms. My acupuncture treatments were professional and any questions I had were answered in a clear manner. Dana's kindness and patience was a God sent. Her understanding of her profession is apparent and is able to work specifically on patients’ needs. She truly has a gift in helping others maintain wellness and mindfulness."


Amy- Belle Vernon, PA

"I went to see Dana for a strained rotator cuff and neck pain. I had tried many other types of treatments (chiropractic and various types of massages) to no avail. Then a friend recommended acupuncture and gave me Dana's number. After just a couple treatments my shoulder and neck felt SO much better! I have since seen her for some emotional issues as well and have found great relief. I would highly recommend Emerge."


Michael- Tempe, AZ

"As a former Olympic athlete, developing breast cancer was devastating. Dana was wonderful at listening and helped me in so many areas in conjunction to chemotherapy. I had extreme pain in my breast and within 2 days of using her herbal formula, it was gone. The chemotherapy gave me nausea and constipation; Dana was able to treat that. I was having restless sleep with nightmares; Dana was able to treat that. I loved having acupuncture with Dana, she has the golden touch!"


Helen- Moscow, Russia

"I have had vasculitis and have been dealing with open wounds on my lower legs for the past 4 years. There seemed to be no solution for healing them. After seeing Dana for an unrelated health care issue, she said she could heal the wounds. I was skeptical because I had tried EVERYTHING: wound care specialists, cardiovascular doctors, physical therapists and even other acupuncturists for my wounds. Nothing worked and some treatments actually made my wounds worse. Dana made me an herbal compress to apply to my wounds and two months later they were completely healed! I am so happy with my results, I cannot express! In the course of working on my chronic wounds, Dana also wrote me a suitable diet that has assisted in further healing of my legs and my body (due to the stress my body has gone through). She has also helped me with my supplements, adjusting my dosage of vitamins and advising me on what I needed to be taking and things that I don’t. Dana has also been great about assisting me in my emotional struggles and always is able to offer logical advice. It has helped me create healthier boundaries in my life. After every acupuncture treatment I feel relaxed and have clarity. Dana is a great practitioner that is able to connect and explain things clearly. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for an acupuncturist!"


Kathy, Phoenix, AZ

"After seeing many different specialists (doctors) for my health without a diagnosis, I began getting acupuncture with Dana. Right away, she asked if I had been tested for lupus. The next day, I asked my doctor to run the tests and sure enough, lupus. Dana not only is very good at acupuncture, she is also very educated in Western medicine. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the insights and the excellent work she has done for me. I am very grateful to have a direction to go with my health care."


Stephanie- Bakersfield, CA

"At 70 years old, I had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. My nipple ulcerated and I had painful sores on my breast from the cancer. Dana gave me an herbal compress that applied daily to my breast. After a week, this large wound was beginning to heal. I could not believe my eyes! Not only was my nipple healing, but all the pain in my breast was gone. It was no longer painful to touch or wear a bra. Dana has been a blessing! After all the cancer treatments, acupuncture was what revitalized my energy. I was able to have clarity, I began to sleep soundly again and make better decisions when needed. I have never tried acupuncture in the past, but now don’t know what has taken me so long! My wound is now completely closed. How can I ever thank Dana enough for her kindness!"


Rena- Washington, DC

"I read an article in the Arizona Republic late last summer about Emerge's Community Acupuncture and their sessions on Saturdays.  I thought this would be a good way to explore a different avenue of treatment for my Multiple Sclerosis, migraines and severe neck pain due to a car accident and the MS. 

 It took a few more months to work up the courage to go and see Dana, and I am so glad I did.  With the first treatment, my range of motion with my neck improved significantly and I did not have any migraines that week.  I have been going weekly since I started in early February and I don't feel near as much stress through my neck, shoulders and back.  In fact, I have regular massage therapy that has not been able to work the knots out of my shoulders like the cupping procedure did for me. 

The tingling and burning sensations in my hands and feet, from the MS, has become minimal and I don't feel a need for the nerve pain medicine I was taking.  Overall my MS symptoms have lessened and several weeks later, I still have not had a true migraine headache.  I have suffered from headaches of one kind or another since I was four years old, and I am awed by the fact that I have gone for several weeks without having a headache.

Dana always takes the time at the beginning of every session to recap the previous week, discuss any new issues, be it a physical issue or emotional and tell me what she is going to do in that session.  She is always attentive to my comfort level; she IS my cheerleader.  I know and trust that she is there to help and support me with her knowledge of acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutrition.  Emerge's Community Acupuncture will be resuming soon and I look forward to a very affordable health treatment and a continuing relationship with Emerge.  I would refer her to anyone that is interested in an alternative approach to healing."


Diane, Phoneix, AZ



Apologies for taking so long to report to you about how my appointment changed my life! I felt a difference in two and a half days from incorparating the changes you suggested into my diet.  Clearer thinking. A lighter body. Weight loss & loss of inches. Better energy. More capacity to laugh. Enjoying food more. Desire to continue making good changes in my life. Amazing. And I am eternally grateful to you.


Candie, Phoenix, AZ

After having hip issues (or so I thought) for 15 or more years I finally gave in and went to an orthopedist, he said hip is fine and sent me for an MRI.  Nothing there.After deciding to use a cane so I could walk across the street I Googled that night and somehow was guided to acupuncture and Dana.  I walked in there and after a consultation she immediately knew what it was (piriformis muscle on a nerve). After 5 weeks I went hiking with the grandkids for an hour.  A miracle!  Dana is wonderful...explains things clearly and is a miracle working acupuncturist with excellent credentials.  One other thing when I walked in to her office I immediately felt calm.  Great design of studio and totally spotless.


Jeanette, Lincoln, NE

All I have to say is relief daily... I had been having problems with my menstrual cycles and the Dr.s had said that I had hormone problems... I felt I was going crazy... I thought how could I be having hormone issues. I had months that I was so sick and really had no idea what was really happening. Since I could not trust Western Dr.'s why go to someone who will make you feel crazy... So I got enough courage and figured... I need to find an alternative or at least try.I called Dana and she totally got it... I could not believe my ears... so I went in and I knew I had to be patient to see results especially since this was new to me.


Well who would have known... it was my liver and kidneys... like are you serious... all this time it was that??  Well everyone is skeptical at first til you see it and most of all FEEL IT... I'm getting balanced everyday and feel healthier everyday...Making life changes to improve my health and overall well being... I finally understood so many things about my self... I guess we all forget how one thing can impact us overall. I am happy that Dana actually LISTENS to you and understands what is going on with your body... I am very very pleased with this entire experience that I will be going back to maintain my health on check.  Thanks thanks thanks Dana for your wonderful expertise and bedside manner.


Jennifer, Phoenix, AZ

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