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For those not familiar with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, here are some commonly asked questions.  Feel free to call us with any concerns or questions that are not covered.
Does Acupuncture hurt?

Some people hesitate to seek out Acupuncture because of a "fear of needles".  If you are in pain, please don't be timid; Acupuncture can change your life.  Acupuncture needles are solid and very thin (like a strand of hair).  When inserted, patients may experience a "zing" sensation, or a feeling of heaviness.  The sensation only lasts a couple of seconds and then dissipates completely.  The needles are so thin, usually patients feel nothing.  A point can always be removed if there is discomfort. 

Do I have to be ill to benefit from acupuncture?

Absolutely not.  Many people come for treatment to relax, de-stress and/or strengthen their immune system.  Even if you feel good, regular Acupuncture treatments make you feel even better.  The Chinese have a saying, “Don’t dig the well after you are thirsty”. One of the primary jobs of an acupuncturist is to prevent illness, keeping the body balanced. If you feel good, acupuncture can make you feel great.

Do you accept insurance?

In short, no.  We do accept Health Savings Account (HSA) cards and flex pay cards for all services and products offered at Emerge. Many insurance companies will reimburse patients for Acupuncture treatments when a Superbill is submitted.  We are happy to provide you a Superbill by request but it is your responsibility to submit. We do not deal with insurance companies directly. We do this in order to keep our costs affordable. 

What kind of education/background does an acupuncturist have?

A licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.)/ Dipl.O.M. (Diplomat of Oriental Medicine) has over 3000 hours of training and studies 4-5 years in school to obtain a proper education, degree and license. The state of Arizona, along with many others, permits certain medical professions to perform "acupuncture" (dry needling/ medical acupuncture) with as little as 10 hours of training. For the safety of the public and yourself, please be informed and ask before receiving acupuncture from any health care professional.


What are the side effects of acupuncture?

When performed by a licensed practitioner (I cannot stress that point enough), there are truly no major side effects. Patients reported that they may be a little tired after their first treatment, but the next day, feel really good. The biggest side effect from acupuncture is the sense of calmness or increased energy.

What can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture, when performed by a licensed practitioner, has the capacity to treat truly anything. The focus for Emerge Acupuncture is quality of life. We want people, even in the state of dis-ease, to be as comfortable and functional as possible. Often times acupuncture is used for side effects of aggressive treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy, extreme antibiotic use and recovery of surgery. Most people do not know that acupuncture is wonderful at treating emotional pain. PTSD, anxiety, anger, irritation, grieving and depression are just some of the emotions that can be lifted with acupuncture treatments. (This is referred to as 5 elements acupuncture)

How often do you recommend treatments?

For healthy folks with nothing major occurring, once a month is a great maintenance plan. We can tune up the body, increase energy, improve sleep, concentration, and balance the adrenal and nervous system. For people that are using acupuncture to alleviate pain, emotional discomfort or have organ dysfunction, it is often recommended that you receive treatment once per week for one month. After significant improvement is clear, treatment recommendations will be reduced to perhaps once every two weeks until we can get you on the maintenance plan of once a month.

Do I need to "believe" in acupuncture?

Interestingly, this is one of the biggest questions that we get and these are among my favorite people to treat. What your belief system is towards acupuncture has no bearing on the treatment. It is great to see that belief system change. Some of our biggest supporters were at one time "non-believers".



If there are any questions not answered here, please give us a call!
We are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns.
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