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Treating Depression with Oriental Medicine

Depression can be a debilitating issue if left untreated. Millions of Americans will suffer from depression at some point in their lifetime. As Chinese Medicine and acupuncture continues to be integrated into Western Medical treatments, the results of dealing with depressive symptoms decrease. Modern research has found that acupuncture may act on the heart, brain and other organs and acupuncture can regulate the endocrine system as well. Through stimulating nervous system and immune system, acupuncture can regulate the process of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex, which achieve a balance among the various neurotransmitters in brain synapses.

This is exactly how acupuncture for depression cures the depression. Chinese Medicine does not view depression as a disorder. Mainly because when treating patients we treat patterns of disharmony found in the body, not a specific “disorder”. Being that depression affects people differently, we are treating the specific issues that need balanced. So depression, anxiety and stress occur by abnormal emotions, which reduce the normal flow of the body’s energy. Acupuncture for depression has a faster improvement and fewer side effects, compared with the primary application of antidepressants in western clinical practice. Combined with the increasing recognition in patients, acupuncture for depression will demonstrate its effectiveness and superiority more obviously. At present, acupuncture for depression has been proved to be one of the most effective methods for depression..

Acupuncture helps in a natural way for stimulating the central nervous system and increasing the production of naturally occurring chemicals in the body like endorphins and enkephalins, which are responsible for a person’s mood and feeling of well being. Acupuncture never separates the mind and body but it treats both the physical and mental symptoms of conditions at the same time. It enhances the health of anyone with conditions caused by drug side effects and can help reduce or eliminate the need for medication. Though medication can help “regulate” your mood, acupuncture is a method that can correct the underlying condtion.


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