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Building Women's Health with Chinese Medicine

Woman’s health issues are by far the most neglected area in the Western Medicine.  EVERY woman will have irregularities that can range for acute to chronic issues with spotting, clotting, prolonged cycles, fatigue and menstrual pain at some time in their life.  Half of all women will live with menstrual issues without relief until menopause. 

When treating new patients, we go through a list of questions to paint a portrait of who a person is, what health care issues they have and are currently dealing with.  I have only heard a handful of times female patients tell me that they have no issues with menstruation.  When I ask why they never addressed it, they thought it was normal, learned to adapt or they were told that birth control pills were their only option. 


How frustrating it is not to get any solution accept medication, which in turn, create side effects and other issues.  Untreated menstrual issues and medication take their toll on the body effecting things further on in the life cycle such as pregnancy and menopause.    The quicker a woman addresses these issues, the easier “that time of the month” becomes. 

In China, young girls are taught early in life about taking proper care of themselves through during their menstruation cycle.  Avoiding foods that are cold nature such as sushi, ice cream, cold sandwiches, cold drinks with ice, salads and raw foods during menses eliminates the stagnation of blood, thus reducing cramping.  This is particularly important during the fall and winter seasons or in places with cold climates.  Eating steamed foods and warm soups help the period flow smoother.

Over exposure to cold temperatures, especially at night is also key to better cycles.  Going out in chilly temperatures without adequate warm clothes makes the body overwork to stay warm.  Taking showers at night and going to sleep with a wet hair should also be avoided.  Women should on their menstrual cycles should not go swimming or skiing either because of overexposure to cold temperatures.  In the summer months, women should not sleep with a draft or a fan blowing on their bodies. 

Women with PMS symptoms, irritability and agitation should consider both acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to help with mood fluctuations.  Over the course of a month to two months, these symptoms will subside and make the menses more manageable.


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