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Headaches and Migraines

What is worse then waking up and suffering all day with a headache? Suffering all week with a headache. Urg. If you are like many Americans, you have seen your doctor, probably been put on a prescription and still deal with the brunt of this misery. I have great news- you don't have to! Chinese Medicine can successfully get rid of your history of headaches in just a few treatments..

Statics have found that 25% of women and 8% of men get migraines sometime in their lifetime. About half of these people get their first migraine before the age of 20, and 98% before the age of 50. 5% get migraine before they're 15 years old, and about a third of those get migraine before they're even 5! Most migraines, however, occur between the ages of 25 and 50. Contrary to popular belief, only 60% of migraines are one-sided. 15% of people with migraine always get migraine on the same side. Children are more likely to have pain on both sides. 85% are described as pulsing or throbbing. 62% last longer than 24 hours (if not treated), but they may last less than an hour in children. 80% of migraines deal with nausea, but only 30% actually throw up. 80% are sensitive to light and noise, most often light. 45% have autonomic symptoms, which include congestion or redness of the eye. 10% get a warning to their migraine known as the prodromal stage. 


In Chinese Medicine there are different triggers for headache suffers. Seasonal Allergies can cause episodes of headaches. Primarily sinus pressure builds up due to increases reaction to allergens. Many women can experience headaches around there menstrual cycle which is hormone related. Trauma, such as a car accident can trigger people to get headaches due to muscle tightness, bruising or muscle strain. And of course stress can cause these painful episodes.



Whatever the cause of headaches, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can greatly reduce or completely dissipate occurrences in just a few treatments. For centuries, acupuncture has successfully treated these common symptoms which creating literally hundreds of variations of Chinese herbal formulas and treatment protocols. The key to success is treating both the underlying symptoms (the cause) and the headache itself (the effect). This winning combination is incredibly effective and is able to assist where Western Medicine treats only the pain. No two migraine suffers are the same, so each patient should get a different acupuncture treatment and herbal prescription.



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