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Insomnia is a common and often difficult condition to treat.  There are many pharmaceuticals on the market that can assist with sleepless nights.  But usually these drugs also come with a long list of side effects, most commonly vivid dreams and habit forming issues.   There are supplements on the market that can also assist in a peaceful nights sleep.  Again there are issues with substituting the body with certain nutrients that when taken away, the body is unable to function properly. 

In Chinese Medicine, there are many causes of insomnia.  Too much excessive thinking when you are trying to fall asleep, emotional factors, depleted energy or stagnant blood flow can all effect not only if you fall asleep, but the quality of sleep that you get.


Are you a dreamer?  This is not always a great situation to have.  Although many people that have excessive and vivid dreams through the night enjoy their wonderland, it also deprives the body of true rest.  If the mind is on and dreaming all night long while the body is resting, then cognitive functions during the daylight hours suffer.  The point of sleep is to truly rest and relax not only the body, but the mind’s activities.  Excessive dreaming prevents the body from healing itself.


Do you have the blinds closed all day and surround yourself with artificial lighting?  This includes florescent lights, the television, computer and electrical gadgets.  The light reflecting suppresses the amount of melatonin that our brains release.  Melatonin is a hormone that causes sleepiness and it naturally released throughout the day with natural sunlight.  Without it, the sun sets and our bodies don’t know when it is time to go to sleep.  Good old sunshine keeps our circadian rhythm in check.  Studies have proven that too much darkness dulls our brainpower and lowers our pain threshold. 


Are you getting acupuncture for your insomnia?  If you are not falling asleep at night, are having vivid dreams or feel unrested when you get out of bed in the morning, then acupuncture can help.  There is an unbalance in the body somewhere preventing true rest and acupuncture treatments can be a vital tool to help you get some sleep.  Along with acupuncture, there are several Chinese Herbal formulas that can also help get your body back in balance.  Usually results can be noticed after a single treatment.  So if you are a suffering insomniac, consider trying acupuncture first.   

Sleep (Better) with Acupuncture

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