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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have existed together under the title of Oriental Medicine for thousands of years. As time and culture has evolved, so has this comprehensive system of healing. Today’s, society mainly seeks out acupuncture treatments to deal with pain, for that has been acupuncture’s claim to fame in American culture. However, this system of medicine has more to offer then just dealing with aches and pains.


What Acupuncture Can Offer You


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can offer everyone something. It does not matter if a patient believes in it or not, because acupuncture always benefits the body in some way when applied.


One of the basic functions of acupuncture is increasing the immune system. Properly placed, acupuncture stimulates circulation. This increased circulation acts as a “wake up call” to the body. When the body awakens, the body becomes stimulated and increases organ function, cell growth and chemical balance, thus increasing immune functions. Similar to a light switch turning on a light, acupuncture is capable of turning the body on. The specific points used connect with places/organ systems that are being sluggish. Increased energy translates into an increase in the immune system.


Even in the case of over stimulation in the body (such as diarrhea, acid reflux and insomnia), acupuncture applied properly shuts off those functions and creates an effect of sedation to the body. This sedation technique is often used to counter emotional issues such as anxiety, panic and restlessness.


Preventative Medicine


Interestingly, through diagnosing the pulses in the wrist, an acupuncturist can tell if the body/immune function is sluggish or weak. When acupuncture treatments are used on a regular basis, it can be classified as preventative medicine. Acupuncture is able to increase immunity before sickness even occurs through the pulse diagnosis.


Particularly true of auto-immune diseases, acupuncture used on a regular basis keeps the body functioning and keeps the disease manageable. Auto-immune diseases fall usually fall into stages. There is a fire stage which is the over production of symptoms in the body. The water stage occurs when the symptoms seem to go into hibernation and the person’s energy is low or fatigued. These stages usually coincide with the seasons. Acupuncture is not only able to control symptoms of auto-immune diseases; it is able to control these stages from occurring. Though auto-immune diseases are not curable, they can be managed when Oriental Medicine is used on a regular basis.


How Acupuncture Works


Oriental Medicine is a very individualized medicine. To properly diagnose a patient with Chinese Medicine, health symptoms only serve as part of the picture. The big picture in Oriental Medicine looks at the constitution of a patient. The constitution is a list of facts that is observable. For instance, a patient’s size, weight, voice, personality, body temperature, diet and so on is all evaluated. The result leads to a unique, customized treatment that is different from any other patient’s.


Another big factor in Oriental Medicine is treating the root of dysfunctions, not only the symptoms themselves. Two women may both suffer from migraine headaches but the source of the headache could be very different. One woman could have started having migraines after moving to a new climate. The other could have started after giving birth. Two different sources (roots) of pain are treated differently in comparison to Western Medicine. Now let’s couple the root of dysfunction with a person’s constitution. Chinese Medicine gives a custom, effective treatment. For these reasons, Chinese Medicine cannot be researched in conventional methods. Western Medicine treats all headaches the same, going after the symptom of the pain, giving no credence to the source.


Oriental Medicine not only treats the root of dysfunction, it treats the symptoms causing the discomfort. The sooner acupuncture is utilized; the easier it is to reverse the symptoms of illness. When patients use acupuncture as a last resort, it takes more time to reverse the symptoms. Because Oriental Medicine is a natural medicine, relief is subtle and begins to make big differences with a few treatments.


In China, acupuncture is used as a common method of health care and preventive health. The Chinese use moxa to boost their immune systems, cupping to detox between seasons, Oriental nutrition to modify organ dysfunction and incorporate herbal medicine daily.


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can treat ANY issue or disease effectively. A positive side effect of treatment and addressing the root causes of disease/illness in the body is that other symptoms begin to disappear that patients did not think was related to their current health care issue.

View from an Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is an amazing system of medicine. There is nothing to big or small that it is not able to address. Part of the reason I chose to practice acupuncture is because it is logical. When the body is hot, we sedate and incorporate cold. When the body is cold, acupuncture is able to produce heat. There are no fancy machines or complicated equipment. The simplicity of Oriental Medicine is effective.

Acupuncture treatments are personal and all about the patient. They are thorough in assessments and the patient feels better almost immediately after being treated. The only side effect is getting better.

Even if a person does not know where to start, acupuncture and Oriental Medicine offers people a direction. It is nurturing in the fact that it is able to assist people where they are at, without judgments or criticism. NO OTHER medicine offers more in one treatment. Acupuncture can treat and address every issue within a single treatment. No going to a specialist or waiting months for an appointment with a specialist. Acupuncture is the specialty!

Though I realize that I am biased in my opinions, I also chose this medicine over all others for these reasons. To be able to assist in a patient’s in all of their health care concerns, address emotional issues and educate people in ways to empower themselves through achieving their goals is the greatest job. I love my work and am honored to be able to teach others a different way. A realistic, nurturing and encouraging way to feel better and be better is rewarding on so many levels.

Oriental Medicine looks at the whole person not a list of symptoms. Its customized approach to health care is the reason so many people are turning to acupuncture to heal. Diet, massage, acupuncture and herbs are the tools we use. As long as a patient has a pulse, there is the ability to assist a patient in living a better life.


Acupuncture- The Preventative Medicine

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