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Oriental Medicine (specifically acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) is not particularly known for treating wounds on the body. Most people associate Oriental Medicine with relieving pain and allergy relief, but wounds cause pain too.

Wound healing can be a long, drawn out process, achieving minimal results. The Western approach of conventional wound healing treatments usually involves steroid creams and hormones. The biggest obstacle to healing wounds is that convention medicine treats all wounds the same.


Healing Chronic Wounds with Chinese Medicine

The Chinese Medical approach is different. There are many factors to take into consideration, how long has the wound been there? Is it a result of body/organ dysfunction or due to trauma? Is there discharge or is it dry?  Through knowing this information, the Chinese Medical approach is incredibly effective in treating wounds. Narrowing the characteristics down to yin and yang is only the first step. If the wound is open, infection is a big consideration. An acupuncturist can incorporate herbs with anti-bacterial prosperities into the formula. If there is pain associated with the wound, then anti-inflammatory herbs are added.  Chinese Herbal compresses can be used to heal wounds of all types and sizes. These formulas are topical and are best utilized if kept in contact with the wound as much as possible.

Benefits of using Chinese Medicine for Wound Healing
Using an herbal compress on the wound saves the patient from having to ingest the formula. Raw Chinese formulas are created specific to each patient (as described above). A raw formula means simply that the herbs in the formula are in their natural state without modification. Traditionally, raw Chinese formulas are given in their organic form, cooked for several hours and then ingested. A formula such as this tends to have an undesirable taste.
However, with wound healing, we can utilize the herbs in their natural state and with the most potency. When used as a compress it is convenient, effective, and has no side effects. Improvement usually occurs within a week.
Another benefit of a topical herbal compress is that it works rapidly to cut pain down to a minimum.  Many of my patients have reported that pain from their wounds was completely gone after only a few days.
Lastly, a huge benefit is cost. Chinese herbal formulas are inexpensive and one dose of herbs can last up to two weeks (depending on the size and severity of the wound). In my experience, I have seen stubborn, long term wounds heal completely within 2 months.
People suffering from vasculitis have inflammation that affects the blood vessels, leading to poor healing and pain. This is classified as a yin deficiency in Chinese Medicine due to excessive heat in the body. Chinese herbal formulas can nourish the yin and sedate heat and generate the healing process.
One of the biggest side effects of cancer is the wounds that are left behind after ulceration occurs.This is particularly true in cases of breast cancer. In the late stages, the breast(s) completely fills with cancer, leaving the tissue hard and the skin stretched tight. The breast has no option but to ulcerate, leaving a wound behind. Guarding against infection is the top priority in healing a wound properly of this nature. Though this is true for every wound, cancer patients are more susceptible because they have overall compromised immune systems. A Chinese herbal formula can also eliminate pain and discomfort associated with cancer.
Diabetic wounds are primarily caused by a lack of circulation; therefore the skin is unable to regenerate. This leads to atrophy and ultimately amputation. Chinese Herbal Medicine improves circulation in the affected area and allows healing to begin. In addition to Chinese herbal compresses, dietary changes are important to maintain constant blood flow to the extremities.
The most effective natural treatment for open wounds is Chinese Herbal compresses, in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture improves blood flow to the area of the wound while decreasing inflammation. This course of treatment can also loosen the ligaments and muscular tissue around the wound to increase range of motion resulting in flexibility.
If you or someone you know is suffering from an acute or chronic wound, please pass on this information to them. I have experience with closing all types of wounds and healing them completely using Chinese herbal formulas. The Western approach to healing wounds is passive and costly. Oriental Medicine offers a better and more affordable alternative with effective results.


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