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According to statistics, rheumatism and arthritis are more prevalent than the combined total number of cases of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory issues.   Other painful conditions such as gout, lumbago and associated ailment are also common. 

Terms describing the various afflictions may be briefly defined as follows:

When the joints are inflamed, the condition may be called arthritis or rheumatism.  If the muscles are involved, the term muscular rheumatism is applied.  Dietary regiments’ advice suffers of rheumatism and arthritis to avoid greasy foods, bread, pork, white sugar, white flour products and acidic fruits.  Avocado is especially recommended.

Osteoarthritis is similar to arthritis as it displays similar symptoms.  However rheumatoid arthritis is considered an autoimmune disorder.  The constant inflammation of the lining of tissue round joints, effects numerous joints in the body.  Osteoarthritis is defined are the breaking down of cartilage resulting in the rubbing of bone on bone.  It begins in one joint, as rheumatoid arthritis effects multiple places at once.  Limiting sugar intake, dairy products and read meats can greatly control inflammation in suffers of rheumatoid arthritis.  

Fortunately, arthritis of both types are completely manageable with acupuncture and herbal medications.  The inflammation the presents with rheumatism is sedated with acupuncture treatments.  Once the condition is under control, periodic trips to the acupuncturist are used to maintain results.  Herbal medications are also used to keep inflammation at bay.  Because it is classified as an autoimmune disorder, diet modifications definitely make noticeable differences.  With osteoarthritis, acupuncture may lessen the stress on a particular joint, relieving pain temporarily.  Herbal medications are likely to be the most effective in combating osteoarthritis. 

When pain extends along the sciatic nerve from the hip to toe, the ailment is known as sciatica.  Sciatica can radiate down the side of the leg or the back depending on which part of the muscle is inflamed.  Interestingly, sciatic issues seem to be most active in the spring and fall and when drastic temperature changes occur.  95% of sciatica is caused by inflammation and tightness of the gluetal muscles.  When the piraformis muscle becomes inflamed, it presses the sciatic nerve into bone, resulting in serve shooting pain down the leg. 

Acupuncture is the best course of action when this occurs.  It is able to reach deep into the muscle to pinpoint a release of the muscle(s), unlike massage therapy or chiropractic. Stretching can help, but unfortunately once the muscle is inflamed, there is very little to correct it on one’s own.   

When one or more nerve trunks in other parts of the body become inflamed, the painful condition is described as neuritis.  Those suffering from neuritis are encouraged to include liberal amounts of unpolished brown rice in their diets.  This recommendation has a sound scientific basis, as brown rice contains valuable minerals and vitamins.  B vitamins are anti-neuritic vitamins; a lack of these nutrients tends to bring in neuritis.

Lower back pain in the lumbar region is called is called lumbago.  Bowel movements can affect lower back pain.  Constipation can aggravate the condition, but lower back pain can be the cause of constipation.

Gout is a painful affliction caused by excess uric acid in the blood.  Manifesting most commonly in the big toe, dietary adjustments can easily reverse gout.  Rich foods- such as pies, cakes and other starchy desserts are forbidden.  Avoiding alcoholic beverages, especially beer is advised.

Inflammation of a bursa is described as bursitis.  A bursa is a small soft tissue sac that is located between parts that move upon one another, often lying between bones and muscles.  A favorite site of bursitis is the shoulder region.

Chinese Medicine has long been able to successful treat bursitis and able to do so relatively quickly.  Within a few treatments, the inflammation should be completely resolved through acupuncture treatment.  Part of the reason acupuncture is so effective is because it pinpoints the exact location of stress, decreasing inflammation and enabling the body to heal. 

Before you get cortisone shot to numb your ailments, check out other more effective treatments that offer you long term solutions with your pain.  There are many options for you available with Chinese medicine that can get you back to feeling great!





Remedies for Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout & Bursitis

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